- Robert Dourado, Co-Founder - SOIDEMER
Brand Consulting & Creative Communications

"MMI has been a life changer for me personally. Professionally it has had a pro-found impact in the way I operate my business now. An invaluable program wherein you can’t really put a value figure on it. It’s a must-go program without a doubt for entrepreneurs to-be, struggling business owners, couples with financial challenges, teenagers, corporate senior management employees, deans of colleges /universities and principals of schools. I have attended many seminars over the years however this is where my perspective changed 360 degrees. I can proudly say that I am willing to pay the price again and again for this one seminar as part of my continuous education. Value for mind and money. A seminar that takes you to a whole new level of experiential learning and 100% full on energy throughout the event. I was blown off by this simple phrase, “How you do anything is how you do everything”. It’s Impactful and Brilliant! The course material was top notch. The context or rather the way it was executed by Success Gyan was fantastic! It couldn’t have been conducted better than Success Gyan, Simply Outstanding! SG has clearly understood what India lacks, what it needs and have aligned it so well to bring such a remarkable program to India. Kudos and keep up the great work!".